After several months of search, we found someone with many features and similarities to be my twin brother. My dad spoke to him several times, he even travelled to his hometown to meet him in person and find out more about his own story and maybe confirm whether he could really be my twin brother.

From the very beginning, both my dad and Alberto (fictional name) hit it off. He is an absolutely charming person. With the pictures we shared, we could see a lot of physical similarities with him. As we kept talking to him and looking at those pictures, every day we grew more and more convinced that he could be that person we were looking for.

Alberto knew from a very early age that he had been adopted. His adoptive parents had told him everything about his adoption and he had all the documentation related to it. However, when looking closely at that paperwork, many details didn't match from one document to another. This was enough to suspect about this adoption process... But the main details said that Alberto was born in Madrid, the 23rd November 1977.

Finally, Alberto sent his saliva samples to the lab to have his DNA compared to my mum's. And we got the results a few weeks ago... Very low coincidence. Negative.

The disappointment for us has been huge. Likewise for Alberto and his partner. We all wanted the DNA tests to confirm we were relatives. I would have loved Alberto to be my twin brother.

The news have left us sad and downhearted, but we have to carry on with the search. However we feel very fortunate and honoured to have met Alberto and his girlfriend, wonderful people.


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